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Death and dying: a broader context

Death and dying: coping with terminal illness
The diagnosis of a terminal illness deals a profoundly shocking, staggering blow. During this time, the person with a terminal illness needs the love and support of family and friends more than ever. Yet too often, people distance themselves from death and dying because they are afraid to face their own fear and pain.

Hospice care: support for the dying
Death, like birth, is a natural part of life. The growth of the hospice movement and the wide availability of hospice care provides a peaceful and comfortable transition for people with terminal illnesses at the end of life.

Being present at a death
The thought of being present when someone dies can be frightening. Learning to recognize the signs of imminent death, knowing how to talk to the dying person and what to do after death occurs will help alleviate your fears and allow you to stay with your loved one through the closing of the circle of life and death.

Life after death: hope in a time of sorrow
Since ancient times, humans have found hope in the belief that life continues in some form after death – a belief that continues for most people today. Eventually, it seems, any discussion of death and dying will lead to discussion of an afterlife: a life after death.

10 strategies for coping with grief
Grief is a personal experience, unique to each mourner and unique to each loss. Grief comes in waves, as times of peace and calm are suddenly shattered by overpowering emotion. The following strategies provide a few suggestions to help you ride out the waves as you cope with your grief.

Bereavement and grief: practical ways to find consolation
In the early stages of bereavement and grief, the bereaved may have difficulty viewing life beyond the here and now. As they move forward, the various practical steps outlined here will help them amass the strength to recover.

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