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greenface December 4th, 2009 13:32

I cannot believe it.
I have been using this site now for a month and have benefited merely for being able to express my feelings and grateful to have had some support.

I lost my father as a teenager, and although and now in my early 30's have never really moved on at all. I am looking at several forums to get a picture of how others are dealing with this - both in their older years (loss of parent) and also feel that 'grieing teenagers' forum is also is useful to look back and have a feeling for what I was like at this time.

I have the greatest respect for anyone who has been in the unfortunate position of needing to- and been brave enough to- post on this site.

I have just read an entry by 'beautiful tragedy' - a 17 year old who have lost a friend recently and is quite obviously very distressed with anxiety issues and feelings of hopelessness.

I am absolutely astonished and a little disturbed that this young person has had 120 viewings and no-one has posted a reply. Why is this?

I try to offer some words to anyone where I feel that I can add to what has already been said - not professing to have any 'right answers' but at least acknowledge their braveness and encourage them to wirte again.

Maybe I should not be ranting but I am upset that the best placed bunch of people - who I have received support from to date have chosen not to support to this person - in a similar way to what has already been experienced by (i am sure) most of us and many more to come.

I know only too well that to confide in someone and not appear to be heard is hurtful at least and damaging at worst.

I only hope that I am wrong and someone has made private contact with this young person who quite clearly is struggling.

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