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Isabee03 July 19th, 2009 00:49

My mother died in january...I still haven't made much process in moving on. I think about her everyday. I smell her sometimes...scent is so powerful in triggering memories. It always stops me in my tracks when it happens. My mom died because she was addicted to prescription pills. She was the best mom in the world until she decided to have gastric bypass..I wish I would have told her she was beautiful the way she was. It changed everything. It changed her. She switched her addictions and one night the pill addiction took her away from me. I miss her so much. The funeral is always on my mind. I even did her hair for her at the funeral home. I remember being a little girl "fixin up" my mom's do and there was no way I would let her go without "fixin it up" one last time. I played her Reba on a radio and talked to her and just made her look beautiful like she always looked..for the last time. I panic thinking about her not being here to see my daughter grow up..I cry about Isabella losing her grandma. I just don't know how to go on without my momma. please pray for me and my daughter.

Noahsoak November 14th, 2009 00:27

what a beautiful thing you did for your mom - doing her hair - I wish I had done something for my husband - but I was afraid - I don't know why - I knew he wasn't there anymore - but I was afraid of death I suppose - your daughter will know how much you loved her grandma when you share that with her some day

I know we go to heaven but I wish it were easier for the ones of us left behind.

God Bless

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