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i will always love you xx October 25th, 2012 02:07

trying to be strong!
Not entirely sure where to have post this:
for sure I am not sleeping and at my wits end, trying to know what to do for the best,
I cannot say too much, but my gut feeling tells me *this ain't right* and not feeling strong enough to do a darn thing about it, but do what i always do... believe me this isn't a pity thread!, just someone who is very much isolated! totally!!! and feels they cannot do what they feel they want to do, going against simple gestures of kindness and showing you care,... to save the peace.... i am a believer in treat as you "wish to be treated" but i am just so weak right now.
I do try to remain positive and always think of others and try to put myself in their shoes, call me over-sensitive but it wouldn't change me: .... if only .. not sure i am making much sense at all to anyone...
respectfully always
m x

hazelharris October 25th, 2012 08:12

hi michelle you have been showing such compassion to others on this site we have spoken pm and you come across as such a loving caring person i am so sorry if i have misread your own personal heartache and it is worse than i picked up on i have gone over your messages looking for clues to this breakdown in being at your wits end and at one point you said i have a different grief to cope with is this something you can't share with us or was it a day you were just trying to cope with your friends pasing when you were young i know that was very traumatic for you
believe me michelle you can open up on here to whatever you are going through we all care and have gone through our lives experiencing most things there are many who will talk to you on pm privately if you wish don't be afraid to talk you have friends here we will embrace you with love none of us will judge you we just want to help
if you arn't sleeping that causes the body not to function properly you are strong enough to do something about it you have taken the first step coming on here
as to being oversensitive that isn't a bad thing it shows how much love is in your heart for other people in their suffering but you have to be careful you don't carry others burdens on your own back too much you can't carry the world on your own shoulders we can only do so much think of the people in the caring proffession like nurses etc most love and care for others see so much suffering but have to switch off as the burden would be too much for anyone to carry
you don't have to change your caring personality you are who you are be proud of of yourself even those with your abiliy to help others need help themselves sometimes we are all here for you
i send you my love hazelxxx

Mart October 25th, 2012 15:34

We have all been there !
Hello m
Believe me m your not alone , we have all been to that dark place in one way or another and I think you have made the first step in talking , not sleeping makes you very weak and vulnerable to being very emotional as I found out , you can have a good chat on here and we are good listeners
Love mart xx

i will always love you xx October 26th, 2012 05:34

"just to say to dearest: Hazelx, Cal, and Mart!"
your sincere kind words, mean so much, didn't want you all to to worry"..
love m xx

hazelharris October 26th, 2012 05:57

dear michelle thanks for your pm which i have replied to we will not leave you know you are not alone in your distress
love hazelxxx

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