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Default to my darling husband

my darling giuliano, tomorrow would have been our 35th wedding anniversary, i will remember that day so freezing cold, the sky so blue a beautiful winters day. i give thanks to God for the years we had together.i ask that you will always be close to me for i love you now even more and will always need you, my love, i have no idea how many years i will have to live before i see you again, before you went home we promised to be one forever and thats what i have asked God for so please hold tight and wait for me, i'll be there in a blinking of an eye. i love you more each day and now i can remember, sometimes it hurts but others i smile so im getting stronger with each day but you have always been and will always be my etrnal love.
some say we are no longer husband and wife, but we will always be lovers.
i'm sending to you great buckets of love right now and i close my eyes and instantly i am once again in your strong arms. i will love you forever.

your ever loving wife.

chrissie. xxxxxxx
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