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‘We, your spirit guides and helpers, also once walked that pathway and therefore know how difficult it can be for as long as our physical bodies hold you tightly in its grip with its pains and afflictions of mind, body and spirit. By now we also know that all these things are the direct result of the thinking and behaviour patterns of the small self with its tiresome ego and fearful earthly mind. For a long time the lower self in its arrogance believes it knows everything when in truth it does not have a clue about anything that really matters, in particular the spiritual background of its earthly existence.

‘This is because in the course of many lifetimes the lower self gets lost in an ever denser jungle of erroneous beliefs, superstitions and prejudices. The walls of this prison with the passing of time grow so thick that they enclose the small self like a black box. The atoms and molecules of the physical body’s cells eventually are so tightly packed together that they act similar to a prison cell, which for a long time cannot be penetrated by even the smallest rays of the light of spiritual wisdom. Yet, with every spell of suffering a bit more of God’s light re-enters them and speeds up their vibrations sufficiently so that sparks of understanding can seep in. With the passing of time more and more of it penetrates the consciousness of the sufferer.

‘The creation of the prison cell is necessary for the early stages of your earthly development. It ensures that the spirit and soul within it cannot escape until the learning from its lessons have been thoroughly absorbed. Thus they are forced to take part in the lessons of getting to know the characteristics of their lower and lowest nature. Without this the human spirit, whose true nature as a spark of the Divine is all-loving, giving and forgiving, would be unable to endure the extremely tough school of earthly life. If it had not been cut off from its true nature and home in God’s loving embrace, human spirit and souls could not respond to the demands of Earth’s harsh and cold, alien and frequently hostile environment.

Our world is bound in darkness, until we shine the light;
You, with your own vision – and I, with my insight.

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