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I really do think that it's the sudden and unexpectedness of the loss. that makes it that much harder to cope and accept. None of us want to see or loose our loved ones to death but when they are taking at a time no one expected, it brings such a great deal of shock and lingering disbelief. It is hard to get to the phase of accetance. I may never accept my mom's death, what happened to her with the docs, not getting to speak to her on life support, hear her last works, see her eyes open. Nothing but the sound of death,when the life support was taking off. My mother only 65, should have had more years like many other woman her age into 70's, 80's and some 90's. I think I would have been more able to accept that kind of a loss, where she was sick, had a full life and ready to die. I am just resigning myself that I may never get over the loss of her. At best I live for what I can now, though my heart is aches without her here.
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