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Originally Posted by SageMother View Post
How long did you work in that position? Did you find there were some stress issues once you left it?
I worked in the ER for four years and actually did develop a kind of secondary post traumatic stress disorder. I had nightmares about some of our cases, and occasionally when I was out shopping and the public address system came on I would freeze, sure that I was about to hear the dreaded words, "We have a trauma code five minutes out!"

I handled the stress by talking to my supervisor, who was very supportive; getting regular massages; and setting up really strict boundaries between my personal life and my job. After my best friend died suddenly, though, I knew I could no longer deal with my own stress as well as the stress of my job, so I left the hospital for a less hectic position in a nursing home.

I've never regretted my hospital work, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to do it again, either!
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