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Default Stepdad is dying

My stepdad has been in my life for thirty yrs. He had pneumonia before xmas so he was in the hospital he was discharged for the holidays. He went back last week and was told he has stage 4 lung cancer. The night before last he took a turn for the worse. He was talking and moving yesterday today they stopped.all his meds and upped his pain meds. Now he has slept all day not waking at all. He is hospice. The hospice nurse and chaplain have been in to see him as well as.the hospice social worker. Explain to me how everything happened so fast. A few months ago he finished rebuilding a 1956 ford pickup. He just had a few finishing touches left and now he's dying. I won't go to the see him. My mom how he's gasping for breath and in pain even though he's medicated. I don't want to see him like that. I want to remember him as he used to be. I am so torn. I want to say goodbye but I just can't. Mom on the other hand os there about 12 hrs a day.Am I wrong? How did this happen so fast?
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