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Default Sometimes, people just give up on life

- Sometimes, it's just too hard for certain people to cope with life in general.

- Sometimes, the cards they've been dealt have proven to be too much for them, whether it be a physical problem, emotional issue, or mental issue.

- Sometimes, they turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their pain.

- Sometimes, they try really hard to fit in, but secretly, they are using their coping methods in the background. They may appear to act normal and happy on the outside ... but they're not.

People contemplating suicide need to have professional help as soon as possible. They might need help for their chronic physical pain, ongoing emotional pain, or perhaps even chemical imbalances that cause them intolerable anxiety and misery.

Bottom line ... no one can prevent someone else from taking their own life if they are determined to do so. Please do not feel any guilt if you have loved this person and your love wasn't enough. It is not your fault. God will take this person into His loving arms. Your loved one is safe and at peace now.

"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. And lo, no one was there." ~ Author Unknown

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