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The Will Of God – Part E

No-One Comes To The Father

The Christ Spirit told us through the Jesus legend: ‘No-one comes to the Father, except through me!’ To my mind, the message these words all along have been trying to convey is: ‘The only way of becoming one again with the Father is by endeavouring to be ever more like Me and the way I once revealed to you through the Jesus mystery and to this day am showing you still. You can only return to your true home and into being one again with your eternal and real Father/Mother through bringing forth from within you every bit of goodness and wholesomeness that is within you.

This alone in the fullness of time can bring each one of you back to Me. I am the spiritual light of the Sun behind the Sun, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother. My spirit is all love, truth, honesty and integrity and the same qualities are slumbering inside you. I am part of you and you are part of Me. I am your eternal Self or God Self. We belong to each other and you can only grow into being fully and consciously one again with Me with the help of My protection and guidance that constantly rises through the world of your feelings into your conscious awareness. I always have been the small still voice of your conscience, your inner teacher and guru. Only by following Me and My inner calling can any one of you return into the state of being all good and God-like like Me, your Creator and God.

Believing in Jesus or any other spiritual leader, no matter how high-minded they may be or once have been, if indeed they ever walked with us on the Earth plane, was enough in the distant past. It certainly still was when the Jesus legend came into being. By now, however, we have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary peak of spiritual maturity that the Universe demands a great deal more from all its human children of the Earth. The past undoubtedly taught us many invaluable and necessary lessons, for example how to discern between good and evil, especially the malevolence that so often was brought about in the guise of religions and in the name of God.

That particular pathway is not meant to be pursued by humankind forever. More is required and expected from us, much more. But before any worthwhile changes can take place in us and our world, each individual has to work their own way through a change of consciousness. A better grasp of the purpose and meaning of Earth life modifies one’s outlook on life and one’s inner attitudes as a result transform themselves into different and better thinking and behaviour patterns than those of the past.

The realisation that we are part of God and that God is part of us and that our true nature is love brings with it almost automatically a striving to improve our character. It’s not hard to perceive then why and how our character influences the course of our destiny and that of our whole world – though not its final outcome, the reunion with God. This is the same for all human souls, independent of how long it may take. At this stage of our spiritual development it is easy to see that whatever we do in our present existence is important and how every small effort one of us makes towards trying to make our world a better place for someone is most valuable and does count on the spiritual ledger of life.

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