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Post My only little brother prt2

My babybrother was 4 years old when he drowned in the pool, i was only 7 at the time of his death. i wasnt able to pull him out of the pool in time, i didnt know how to swim, until this day i dont and i never tried learning and im 18 yrs old now. this have been haunting me , torturing me because ive blamed myself for his death im not who i use to be i dont know who i am anymore i dont feel loved or feel important the way my brother made me feel, i have 3 older sibilings and it seem as if the HATE me for my brothers death i would give anything to have my brother back, although i would say he's in a better place now, and i know he's happy now because our life was.../ is llike hell, or close to it on earth. i have suffered from depression and lost tremendous weight i have a big whole in my heart and i feel as if though no one or nothing can replace it. ive been hurting for 11 years now. i cant trust no one, nor do i have or really want any one to talk to about my problems i find it easier to write, life's so depressing that at times i feel as if i just want to give up ...ive cried all the tears im able to i feel your pain
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