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Shalom in Yeshua Julius' mom, My heart goes out to you and your husband for the pain I know I felt when I lost my little boy aged 11 weeks. He too was premature but only by 4 weeks. He then developed complications which eventually led to his passing.

We are taught that there is a special place in Sheol especially for children. They are tended by angels and saints and when we to 'go home' they are first to come to greet us.

It is important that you and your husband understand the pain each of you are going through. Many people will feel for you both, but they won't know what to say, so they will find it easier to avoid you. It's was very sad when I saw neighbours crossing the road to avoid that contact. So make allowances for each other, and most importantly talk to each other.

I have already prayed for you both, and I am here for you.
May God bless you
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