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Shalom in Yeshua Thetricktolife and welcome to the forum. I am sorry that the death of your friend and uncle have affected you in this way. I am also saddened to hear that you have been assaulted and have so many other difficulties to deal with. Know that I have already said a prayer for you to be comforted.

Sometimes the world looks very scary and it can be very difficult to interact with others around you, but you found your friend Jackie via the internet so perhaps you should try again and fiend another friend. You dont say much about yourself or if you have any relationship or not. Without knowing this it is difficult to suggest options with you. There are many on this forum who want to help you, so come and talk to us.

Just remember there are good people just like you out there feeling the same way, you just need to find them and then support each other like you and Jackie did together.

May God bless you
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