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hi thetricktolife so sorry for your loss and all you have gone through its the way of this modern world we can make very close friendships on the internet especially if we are troubled or lonely it must have caused you immense shock and grief losing Jackie I am so sorry for you and her family The internet is a lifeline to the outside world and we can spend many hours talking making friends and thinking they will always be there and sadly its not always so when they are gone the pain is real intense and when other problems arrive your friend who would have given you comfort has gone and you feel lost you must try and make new friends perhaps in the local choir There's a saying you might look up ' some people come into your life for a reason ' I don't think it can be posted on here but I hope you are able to find it it may help You came into jackies life for a reason and while you were friends you helped one another with problems and that was a great gift of friendship I hope you are able to recover from the awful assaults and your great aunts passing not easy I know but try and be optimistic the future will get better thinking of you love hazelxx

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