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Who knows, dear Hazel? Maybe one of these days Tom signs in and tells us what he makes of my interpretation of the meaning of ‘My Father’s Mansions’. Maybe he’ll surprise us by being more open than you are to the new knowledge that is now flowing from the Highest levels into the heart and soul of humankind, to help us move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Who knows?

His name tells me that Tom could be a bit of a natural philosopher. He may well be capable of recognising that the new spiritual knowledge we are now receiving represents in no way a threat to the old religions of our world. Maybe he can see that all of it is merely an extension, enhancement and enlargement of the ancient themes, and that this is part of a natural process of renewing them through an improved understanding of the realities that lie beyond the horizons of earthly life.

With love – Aquarius

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