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Old August 7th, 2012, 08:26
hazelharris hazelharris is offline
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Default debate on doctors rights in informing the terminally ill

i have to get this out for discussion last week the headlines were shocking a young child sadly died of cancer it is so unusual nowadays not to tell people including children they are dying it was used as a headline CHILD NOT TOLD HE WAS DYING they kept him oblivious that the cancer was terminal and he was going to die this is so unusual it made major news and went against the doctors wishes
l feel shocked it was reported at all when did it become the norm that everyone has to be told they are dying social workers christians liberals do gooders all seem to have got together over the past few years and taken it upon themselves with all this human rights most of it nonsense and seem to delight in telling people they are dying at the first opportunity you may say everyone has a right to know it is their life not mine but some people need protection especially children and those that love them should be able to make that decision
30 years ago when i lost my mum to cancer she was religious and knew when she died would be going to heaven but we discussed it with the doctors on the best way for her as a person wether she should be told or not this is more humane and intelligent than our system nowadays
there are advantages i know to some people being told some are stronger than others and have life issues to deal with arguments to patch up finances to deal with God to make peace with and not being told can put doubts and confusion in their minds
but the most damaging thing these doctors steal from them is hope it's no good giving false hope to anyone but they take everything away without any consideration for the person and in my experience in a very cruel way without hope life can be unbearable
the parents of this child that died so young my heart goes out to them those who unfortunately find themselves with this dilemma do you tell your child or not i would say don't ever be pressurised by these doctors do what you think you should for the childs sake make the choice as sad as it is teach them about heaven and shield them as much as you can from fear and pain

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