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Old June 28th, 2012, 02:45
gratzgrl gratzgrl is offline
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Default 1st year anniversary-opinions?

Tomorrow (6/29/12) will be the 1 year anniversary of my cousin's murder. She was taken from us by an ex-boyfriend. I miss her...her smile, laugh, simplest gestures she made when telling a story. Lord knows she wasn't perfect, she could have a temper that could light up a whole town but I loved her all the same. My thoughts and feelings are quite jumbled as the date rapidly approaches. It seems impossible that a year has passed already. I know the saying, "time heals all wounds," but do you ever really heal from such tragedy and loss? Or do you learn how to cope and move forward with your life?
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Old June 28th, 2012, 04:19
hazelharris hazelharris is offline
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hi gratzgrl how are you we will say a prayer for becky today a year since her passing also for her two children and yourself
you say becky wasn't perfect well no one is and we don't just love people who seem perfect there is something to love in most people but how you described her to us she sounded a wonderful caring person who probably spoke her mind and was full of laughter yes she was a person to be loved and admired
have you kept in touch with her children i hope so as you will be a great help to them recovering from such a trauma loving their mum as you do in giving love to her children you will also be helping your own recovery i hope you all have felt the love she has left with you
i don't think we heal from loss of a loved one although the grief seems like an illness we just come to a realisation that this is our life and we have to make the best of it so we eventually pick up our shattered dreams we know we will always miss them but bit by bit we take all the love and memories we have remember the beautiful things they taught us what love friendship and compassion means and go forward with their love always in our hearts
love hazelxxx
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Old June 28th, 2012, 11:37
gumek gumek is offline
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Default 1 year on

hello graztgirl, i just read of the loss of your best friend, i went back to read your full story and was very sad for loss and for all your sadness and pain. When something like this happens in our lives it can't just be swept under the carpet and forgotten. If it will help you, please continue to come on forum and talk through your grief, here you will find understanding listening people who can relate to the pain of your loss. I think you very strong and brave to come back again and tell us how things are, you are coming through, you may keep on asking why this happened but may never get the answer you want love. I read Tom and Hazels replys and i concur with all that they have written. Once again dear friend i am so sorry, i will remember you and your family in my prayers, please take care.

love and regards

chrissie. xx
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