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Old August 30th, 2009, 10:53
Gem2009 Gem2009 is offline
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Default Dealing with a double sudden loss


I just wanted to put my thoughts down on a message board as I somehow find this the easiest thing to do at a time like this.

I want to express my frustration that I have experienced the sudden loss of two of the closest people I have known within a four year period. I am 27 and in 2004, lost my brother when he was killed in a car accident - a trailer came off the back of the lorry and killed him instantly when he was going to work. I don't see his children or wife anymore which is hard.

Secondly In October I lost my mum to a heartattack. She was very fit and healthy training for a bike ride in vietnam when she died suddenly on her bike. I grew up with my mum from the age of thirteen when my dad left and she was adament she would live till her nineties! I always believed that.

I have often thought myself as lucky after going to university, getting a good job etc but over the ast few years feel like my life has just fallen apart. Sudden deaths like mine have made me untrustworthy of what the future holds.

Anybody who can share this or offer any pearls of wisdom about getting back on track would be greatly appreciated!
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Old November 14th, 2009, 00:22
Noahsoak Noahsoak is offline
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Default sudden loss

I lost my husband to a hit and run driver in 2006 - one thing i do know - i love and miss him today just the same as I did the day I learned what had happened. But I do know this, look how strong we have been to keep putting one foot in front of the other in spite of the pain we have been in. Look how strong God has made us

Your mom did such a good job with you, to have instilled in you the independence and strength and courage that you may not realize she left you with - look what you "have" done 0)

I felt the presence of my husband for some time - not really any more - every time i go to a home improvement store I cry because i am there without him. Some things haven't gotten better - but I am still hopeful - but it is still very hard we were married 33 years.

God bless - I have to believe they still see us and how we are doing - but it doesn't make it any easier

why haven't you kept in touch with your brothers wife and children? Does she have a new family? I would if possible - but remember she also lost something -
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