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Old May 25th, 2010, 06:42
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Default A Message of Hope


When it comes to this theme, there is never anything new under the Sun. The eminent German poet, philosopher, historian and playwright, Friedrich von Schiller, 1759–1805, brought the following message to our troubled world with his poem ‘Hoffnung’ – hope, of which three different versions are presented here. The first one is a masterly translation that was given to me as a special gift by my best friend, B.M. Thanks and God bless to you.

We speak and dream so very much
Of a future in the Sun.
Towards that happy golden goal
We struggle and we run.
The world gets old, then young again –
Still hope is humankind’s refrain.

Hope guides us into life’s great flow
And flutters over cheerful youth,
Enthuses us with magic glow,
In old age too remains our truth
And in the grave that ends our ways
We plant fresh hope for other days.

No vague or empty promise here,
By a foolish mind begot
The heart proclaims it loud and clear:
‘We’re born for a better lot!’
And what the inner voice makes plain
The hopeful heart does not disdain.

Friedrich von Schiller

The second part came into being with the help of my inner teacher and Highest Self. It is how I imagine Schiller would formulate his message if he was here with us and writing it, now.

Oh, how much talking and dreaming
Of better days yet to come.
Just watch them all running and chasing
Visions of happier days, maybe a golden age of plenty,
A world without suffering and pain,
Where hunger and thirst, sickness and wars,
Violence and crime have long been forgotten.
Our world grows old and constantly renews itself,
But throughout the ages humankind
Steadfast held onto its dream.

Hope guides us into life on the Earth.
Happily surrounding us in youthful days,
It bewitches us with its magical shine.
And no matter how old and weary we get,
Because hope is firmly in our hearts,
It never leaves us and dies.
Alas, each earthly sojourn must end in the grave.
Yet, hope stays with us and accompanies us into the beyond.

For it is much more than a flattering delusion
And an elixir that flows only from the brains of fools.
If we but listen, we can hear the small still voice of the living God,
Who dwells in everybody’s heart and whispers:
‘For something greater than Earth life your race was born –
A high and holy destiny is waiting to be fulfilled by each one of you!’
The things that are thus revealed to humankind
Never misleads or betrays the trust we place in it.

Friedrich von Schiller
Freely translated by Aquarius

* * *
Our world is bound in darkness, until we shine the light;
You, with your own vision – and I, with my insight.

Author of ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’
And the Astro Files

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