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Old July 24th, 2011, 01:00
samsung12333 samsung12333 is offline
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Default Is there a time limit for grief

So I lost my best friend a year ago and I didn't cry at all, I barely felt anything at all, I think I just said a rosary for her a few nights after. It was a unexpected death....the cause is really unknown because we don't know if she knowingly took drugs because it was in her drink. A few nights ago I had a dream with her in it and woke up and and for a second thought she was still alive but then thought oh that will never happen...she is gone for the rest of my life and we can have no more fun, no more conversations. And today Amy Winehouse dies and she reminded me of her so much...her style, the way she acted (though my friend stopped her drug use other than marijuana like 2 years before) and now I'm feeling the time I had to grieve is over. I had my time and didn't take it and I can't do it now. I mean I can't explain to friends...oh I can't go out today I'm sad.....friend: what happened friend dies...friend: OMG a little over a year ago. I never dealt with the death of this person I grew up with..that I've known for 15 years...she was only 18 and about to graduate the following week I think. She was my friend since I was born really.....I don't have many memories of a certain year without her being in some.
she died only a few weeks after the death of my beloved I think it was just to much for me at the time
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Old July 25th, 2011, 11:10
tom-fisherman tom-fisherman is offline
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Shalom in Yeshua Samsung12333, in answer to your questions no there is no time limit on grief. It can affect straight way or years later, triggered by something simple, and unrelated. Everyone reacts differently.

It was nice to hear that you prayed for your friend just after her death, as not many young people do these days. We are taught that our departed loved ones can still hear us, so talk to her, this will be like a prayer to her. Just because we cannot see them doesn't mean they don't exist, they do, and we will see them again when they greet us into Sheol.

May God bless you
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