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Old September 8th, 2011, 15:51
Crazy_lady89 Crazy_lady89 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
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Default i don't know if i should post here but......

well, my best mate lost her best mate the other week and it was her funeral yesterday, i saw her today and i felt so lost... i didnt know what to say to her to help her....

but the thing is im feeling like i lost a part of me aswell, i have known this girl for a few months and we have got really really close, i have felt her mate that died around me when i have gone to her house but i have also felt her in my house.... my mates little boy has been in my sons room and spoke her name a few times (i have never met this girl) but i feel like i know her.....

i found out also that my best mate and her best mate that dies lived around the corner from me, and when i have moved to a diff area she has lived in the same area...

i dont know if what im feeling is normal, my partner says im being stupid and have had to much to drink, but i havent even drank that much (and when i say that much i mean i have had a few vodkas and red bulls (but this was with my mate as well....

is what im feeling normal or am i being stupid... please help coz i have cried a few times since my mate has left my house and i dont know what to do.....

thank you all for reading this and i dont mean to upset any one,,,
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Old September 10th, 2011, 08:15
tom-fisherman tom-fisherman is offline
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Northwest England
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Shalom in Yeshua Crazy_Lady89, I am sorry you are feeling sad at the loss of your friends, friend. It is quite normal to empathise and feel the pain of someone close to you, especially when they are in pain or in this case grieving for a friend or loved one. You are simply feeling the sorrow of your friend. All you can do in these circumstance is be there for her, just let her talk freely about her loss. Please don't feel stupid you are just being human and a good friend.

May God bless you
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Old September 10th, 2011, 13:34
Crazy_lady89 Crazy_lady89 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
Posts: 3

Thank you Tom... i really thought i was being silly, i do try and talk openly about my Friends friend, even tho i never met her i feel like i know her.. we all know she is in a better place, but we also feel she was taken to soon :-/

we know she is up there in heaven smiling down on her daughter and friends and family....

thank you for you reply... it has helped so much :-)
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