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Old July 30th, 2008, 20:07
kota kota is offline
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Default Shocked

My father shot himself on what we think was June 26-27. He was found on June 29th and they said he'd been dead about 3 days. My father would have been 62 on the 19th. He lived in AZ and I in OH. He left a note just stating "Let me die" (the letters were traced over and over) It was such a shock and I scrambled to find a reason. One thing came to mind talking with my aunt (his sister) is that he owed alot of debt (like 9,000 to the IRS and some other bills) When we went down there from all the paperwork we found it looked like he planned it for awhile, all his credit cards and bills paid off, even the tax debt it looked like. He kept all his check stubs and bills from the time he moved there (16 years ago) but no bank statements and the only CC statements we could find was the last one saying it was paid off. I was listed as his Trustee but come to find out something was done wrong and now his estate has to go to probate. Also this week he got a bill from the IRS saying hes till owes the $9,000. My aunt did find anotherl oan too that he had that wasn't paid off. I do have 3 half brothers (but as he stated he wants nothing to go to them)

Right now I am feeling very hateful towards him. My hubby and I recently filed a ch. 7 band are finally getting back on our feet, we can't go down again, we can't take his debt. I am feeling like he was being a selfish person and took the easy way out and now I have to pay for it. I don't wanna feel this way, but I do.
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Old July 31st, 2008, 00:10
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I could be wrong, but I think any debt your father had will be taken from his estate. Any assets he has may have to be liquidated to pay off the creditors. I don't think you will be responsible for any remaining balance once it has gone through probate. It takes awhile for probate, grandpa died almost 5 mos. ago & we still haven't gone. If creditors are calling, do what I did, tell them he passed away, give them the address of the cemetary & if they can't wait they are welcome to go there & try to collect. They usually leave you alone after that. Don't worry too much, it will all work itself out & in the end you will be amazed how easy it was. Good luck!
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