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Practical matters following a death

The practicalities of death
The time immediately following a loved one's passing is always difficult. Not only must you cope with your grief, but the "business" details of their death as well. To relieve the additional stress of the unknown, it is crucial to be informed regarding what is expected after a death.

Organ donation: what should you decide?
Organ donation may relieve some of the pain of your loss. Knowing that, even in death, your loved one has helped someone else to live is a powerful healing tool. It will not remove your grief, but it will provide some comfort at giving another person a chance at life.

Understanding the autopsy process
When a death occurs, there may be several reasons for an autopsy. An autopsy will be performed if there is a possibility that the death may be a homicide, if the cause of death is not known, or sometimes if the death occurs in the hospital.

Death of a loved one: what will viewing the body be like?
The death of a loved one is always difficult, and it may seem scary to view the body of the deceased. However, it may help you find some amount of closure if you do. Read this page to help you decide whether or not to view the body.

How to file and obtain a death certificate
To alleviate additional stress caused by tending to the "business" details of a loved one's death, it is important to become knowledgeable. One of the first tasks that must be accomplished is filing and obtaining a death certificate.

How to write an obituary or death notice
An obituary and death notice are written as a way to honor the deceased. They share a small amount of information with the public and may also contain a funeral notice so people know where to pay their respects or send sympathy cards or flowers.

Tying up loose ends after a death
The death of a loved one is always heart-wrenching. Dealing with all the aspects of putting the loved one's affairs in order can appear insurmountable. It is important to remember that the process will take time and it is not necessary to accomplish all these tasks immediately

10 strategies for coping with grief
Grief is a personal experience, unique to each mourner and unique to each loss. Grief comes in waves, as times of peace and calm are suddenly shattered by overpowering emotion. The following strategies provide a few suggestions to help you ride out the waves.

Funerals: everything you need to know
With all the details that must be managed when a person dies, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, and it may be too much to handle when you are still reeling from grief. A little knowledge helps; here we reveal everything you need to know about funerals.

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