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Frequently asked questions

Who are you, anyway?

We are a small group of people, brought together by Lucie Storrs (the creator of this project) who are sadly all too well acquainted with grief, death and bereavement. The Light Beyond forum, blog and website have grown out of our own experiences of life, love and loss.

Are you experts in this field?

We are not "academic" experts, but in the field of bereavement we don't think it matters. The real experts are those who are walking the path... Our advice and thoughts are gathered from our experiences, and we hope they will help others cope with their own losses. 

However, we are not professionals in this field and cannot offer medical, legal or psychological advice. Some of the people posting on the forums, for example, may be qualified to provide such advice, but we cannot accept any liability should you follow (or fail to follow) their advice or any of the other advice on the site.  

You're selling stuff. Should you be making money out of grief?

Our sole aim with this project is to be helpful to others in their grief. However, we do need The Light Beyond to support us as we support others. This project has cost Lucie over $20,000 to set up, and it incurs running costs every single day.

For this reason, we have created our own products to sell, and we also recommend others. They are all chosen because we think they are good, genuinely useful products which are often needed by people during bereavement. By directing people towards good, reliable and trusted sources of necessary products, we also hope to reduce some of their stress during this difficult time.

Well, I think you're doing a good job. How can I support you?

Thank you, we really appreciate it. A good way of supporting us is to tell other people about the site. It also helps if you buy one or more copies of Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep. You get a good book and we receive some much-needed funds to help keep us going!

Can I use your articles on my own website?

Certainly. You may reprint any of the articles in our Grief Library on your website, blog, ezine or email bulletin (or anywhere else for that matter). Please post them complete, unaltered, and with the full copyright and biographical paragraph intact (see below for what to use). Please respect our copyright on all materials generated by Lucie Storrs and The Light Beyond.

Copyright text to accompany all articles you reproduce:
© The Light Beyond 2007. Created by Lucie Storrs, The Light Beyond bereavement forum, website, inspirational movie and blog aims to help as many people as possible on their journey through grief. Visit - helping you through bereavement, one step at a time...

Any more questions?

If there's anything you would like to ask, just get in touch using the Contact Form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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"The Light Beyond has the most beautiful short movie I've come across. The thoughtful words and outstanding images offer those of us who have lost a loved one a sense not just that someone understands but also of hope and optimism for the future." M.R.

"Bereavement For Beginners is a really valuable resource for music, readings and giving a eulogy as well as dealing with the legal process. Importantly, it also encourages you to think about your own feelings." J.W.