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InMourning September 20th, 2013 13:15

Today I will not Grieve
*38 years ago today I met a handsome young man with steel blue eyes and a smile that made me melt
*33 years ago today I married that young man - he became the love of my life, my soul mate
*340 days ago my life changed forever

Today I will not grieve my loss, I will not cry
Today I will:
** Celebrate the happy memories
** Appreciate the years we had together
** See him in our beautiful children
** Smile about everything I loved about him
** Remember our wonderful life together
** Feel the deep love we shared
** Continue to love him with all my heart and soul
** Love him more than ever

Whitehorse81 September 20th, 2013 14:11

I'm proud of you InMourning. It truly is all about the love in the end. God Bless You.


cal821 August 14th, 2017 10:27

bump up for a re-read

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