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pippaf March 29th, 2011 14:23

am i an executor of a will?
Hello - my best friend died when we were 21 in 1997 and her parents asked me if i would become their "adopted daughter" unofficially (i already have parents!), and said that this would involve their inheritance (as my friend was an only child and i dont think they had any other relatives.). My friends dad died a few years back and now her mum has just passed away too. At first i'd kept in touch quite well, but in recent years just Christmas cards. I dont know who else was in their lives at the end and i feel very awkward making contact with regards a will/inheritance as its been so long.

What should i do? How can i find out if i'm the executor of the will? or still represented in place of my friend, after all these years - having been informally 'adopted' by my friends parents?

I would like to honor any wishes they may of had.

vikismith June 13th, 2012 04:58

In my opinion if you can't take any decision then you should take advice from any probate lawyer or a lawyer who works as executor of a Will. He/she will definitely help you.

hazelharris June 13th, 2012 05:44

it's all according to wether they left a will or not their wishes will be stated on that if they have died intestate (no will ) then probate will be granted to next of kin husband or wife even x official partner chidren next brothers and sisters cousins and neices if you are not officially adopted you will have no claim at all if not mentioned in a will
if you are being financially supported by the deceased and they have died intestate you can apply with the 1975 provision of family act which will cost you best thing to do is talk to the person who is next of kin especially if there are any keepsakes you want they may be kind enough to give you something wills are all registered you will be able to find out yourself without the expense of a solicitor if there is one the solicitor holding it will inform you if you are the benificiary hazel

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