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Aquarius September 14th, 2017 07:09

Thought For Today
This thread aims to bring a daily thought that will hopefully inspire those who, like me, are struggling on their pathway of coming to terms with their earthly existence. If you have anything of this nature, please share it with us here. I shall be glad to add it to my collection.

Thought For Today

Marie Curie, 1867-1964, wrote: ‘Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.’ And as Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, pointed out: ‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ You can be sure that it does not come from reading books alone. You may know something because you have read about it somewhere and still be a long way from understanding it. So, how does one find understanding? It grows quite naturally and organically within us when we just live our lives and move ever forwards, being mindfully present during all our experiences, making sure to feel our feelings and listen to the inner guidance we receive through them. That no doubt is why Søren Kierkegaard, 1813-1855, concluded: ‘Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.’

Aquarius September 15th, 2017 06:30

‘It is neither the critic who counts nor the people who point out how the strong person stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to those who are in the arena and although their faces are marred by dust, sweat and blood, they strive valiantly, erring and coming short again and again, because there is no effort without it. But still they are striving to do their best with enthusiasm and great devotion. These people are spending themselves in a worthy cause and at best in the end they will know the triumph of high achievement. At worst, should their endeavours fail, they have been doing something and dared greatly. Therefore, their place will never be with cold and timid souls who are unfamiliar with victory and defeat.’

Theodore Roosevelt
Edited by Aquarius

Aquarius September 16th, 2017 07:16

Here is some advice from the Mexican poet, A. Nervo: ‘About sublime and essential things do not talk to all, but seek the level of those you converse with, so as not to humble or distress anyone. When with the frivolous, be as frivolous as they are, gently dropping a petal from the flower of your dreams into their cup of frivolity. If they are not ready for it, be on your way smilingly, because you know that they will come to what you have found in their own time. Should someone pick up your petal, examine it and inhale its fragrance, carefully and discreetly allow them a few more glimpses of what grows in your magic inner garden. Tell them of the invisible Divinity that surrounds and penetrates everything. Maybe thoughts and feelings of love will enter their minds, to act as a key and an ‘open Sesame’ of the door to the only true freedom there is for humankind: spiritual freedom!’

Aquarius September 17th, 2017 07:28

Knowing that in truth all of us are siblings in the vast human family, how could I have something against anyone? Nobody is our enemy and, when looked at the right way, everybody is our friend. For the length of one lifetime, we find ourselves time and again in earthly life and all of us together are like children at school and performers on the vast stage of life. The daily drama of life in physicality is acted out so we can learn from each other. Through this we grow in wisdom and understanding of God’s true nature, our own and the processes of life, and our consciousness expands. And that is the main purpose of our existence.

Aquarius September 18th, 2017 06:29

Your individual soul is an integral part of the soul of humankind and of your world as well as of the great soul of all life, the Goddess and Mother of all life. She is the wise one inside you, My feminine wisdom and love aspect, the only one in the whole of Creation who really does know the way of all things and the answer to every one of the questions you may ever care to ask. The more your soul unites itself with Her, the better she can supply you with the right replies for even the most difficult queries. She gives you the benefit of Her wisdom to find wise and loving solutions for every one of your problems, as soon as in Her view the moment for doing so has come. She is part of you and you are part of Her.

By the time your earthly self finally has consciously taken possession of this part of your being, acting in kind and loving ways and without hesitation giving of your best in each one of your daily encounters has grown into a spontaneous and instinctive reaction. That’s why I say to you now go forth and make haste. No matter what may still have to happen in earthly life, be of good cheer and rejoice, My beloved children of the Earth. The spiritual knowledge the Angels and I are making available to you is intended to be used for the good of the whole of humankind and not merely for your own benefit. Glean and gather the best from all the religions of your world. Each one in its time has been equally valuable and served one specific purpose in the curriculum of your race’s earthly education.

Aquarius September 19th, 2017 06:29

Every belief system that came and went its way again in your world contained some tiny grains of My truth. None of them ever had a monopoly on My truth, in spite of the fact that through the ages many proclaimed theirs to be the only holy-making way of life. Young and inexperienced souls to this day seriously believe this to be the case with the religion they were either born into or made the conscious choice to join. Never mind, leave them to it. They too will learn in time, so be patient with them. Be content with knowing that they, each through their own experiences, also will eventually find out that any religious conviction that has ever been held on the Earth plane could do no more than providing you with a temporary walking stick and support.

Aquarius September 20th, 2017 08:09

Refuse to sit in judgement over anyone and anything, including the words and deeds of those who are younger and less experienced souls than you are. This does not mean you are condoning their intentions, far from it. Wise ones bear in mind that these people are only taking part in their earthly lessons, the same as they are doing – though by now in the opposite direction. Be as kind and tolerant towards them as you possibly can. In spite of the fact that they sometimes cross your path in the shape of greybeards, their behaviour leaves you in no doubt about the age of their souls. Forgiving them becomes easier when you remind yourself that, when all is said and done, they are your younger siblings in the great family of humankind, who have the same right to receive their most difficult and traumatic earthly lessons, just the same as you once did.

Take for example the time when the by now more highly evolved souls took part in the inquisition during its reign of terror of almost six hundred years. That’s what each one of you did, sometimes at the giving and other times at the receiving end. The inquisition was the strong arm of the Christian church. Although it was humankind’s most evil and infamous institution ever, it represented a vital part in the study of the use and abuse of personal and collective power over masses of people. As all human souls have to take part in the same lessons, this too was necessary.

Aquarius September 21st, 2017 07:58

The karmic chains and shackles that were created between human beings at any given time are of an emotional nature. They can only be dissolved through the kind of forgiveness that grows quite naturally in you when you find a better understanding of the spiritual background and higher purpose of your earthly existence. The knowledge that everybody else is walking the same evolutionary pathway with you alone can bring the deep inner healing and peace to every aspect of your being. All of you have been looking for it in previous lifetimes, without success. But now at last the energies are right and with this the time has come for this process to take place. Therefore, do not hesitate to give of your best and make your contribution towards the blessing and healing your world and everything that shares it with you.

Aquarius September 22nd, 2017 08:33

Voluntarily you once came away from the state of your conscious union with Me, which in your world is widely known as paradise. When invited to do so, you agreed happily to the adventure of discovering what life might have to offer to a spiritual being in a physical environment, like that of the Earth. Aware that the law of life is evolution, you were eager to grow and evolve. So you ventured forth, happily and of your own free will, excited and motivated by the idea that every human spirit would be allowed to learn from its own experiences. You loved the thought that this would constantly add to the knowledge that already had accumulated in the Great Mother’s soul memories, long before any one of you made their first appearance. This is what ever since then all of you have constantly been doing and will forever continue to do.

At the stage of being pure spirit, you were happy to start building a soul of your own as part of the Great Mother’s soul, as this would permit you to experience life in your new environment through the world of your emotions and feelings. You agreed with everything joyously because you knew that at the end of your journeying ever deeper into any kind of thus far unknown territories, you would return into My loving embrace. Aware that the Angels would forever be by your side, watchfully and lovingly guiding and protecting you every step along the way, the decision to act as volunteers and wayfinders for ever more of you, who would follow behind, was not a difficult one either.

Aquarius September 23rd, 2017 07:35

Questions And Answers

‘Be patient towards everything that so far remains unresolved in your heart and soul. When questions arise, accept them and love them as you would do with a room whose door is locked and books that were written in a language that is foreign to you. If the answers do not come to you naturally, do not seek them. You will know at the right moment, because if the answers were given to you straight away, you would as yet be unable to experience them. The main point about our present existence is that everything has to be lived. So if you just live with your questions, at some point in the future their answers will come to you. You will then be able to comprehend and live them.’

Rainer Maria Rilke
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘The Guest House’

‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

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