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hazelharris July 10th, 2012 22:57

in memory of darren
my dearet love darren sabin died oct 2011 age 50
i will remember you
for your intelligence how you always seem to know the answers to every problem you knew so much about any subject could mend anything knew every record that was ever made singer and the year every quick witted joke how you never raised your voice in anger lost your temper or ever swore your beautiful kind eyes how you always said you were the best pool player ever and you were all the trophies i hated and you would proudly bring them home and display them telling me not to accidently break them when i polished as i did sometimes have accidents your love of all animals even the spiders would be put out with care how you coped with dignity in illness and took all those tablets prompt on time to your alarm every day how you never gave in to cancer your silence when you knew any gossip whenever i told you any you always already knew but kept quiet and told me not to gossip about others how you prompted me to tell the jokes when we ran the quizzes so people thought i was funny and you were the one with the best sense of humour how you helped me in the shop doing all the sewing how you would put your head in your hands shaking it when i did anything embaressing or stupid how you were the best dj you were the brains and i was the voice my beautiful dolls house you made for me and put the carpet on the ceiling how we laughed at that you said you could never live with yourself if you ever told a lie and i found out you were the most honest man i have ever known the silly hats you would always wear at christmas how you would tease me saying i snore (when i don't )how you loved me my children and your mum and dad how you would drive me everywhere on holiday towing the caravan and doing all the work how you would have a look of terror if i ever asked to drive your car how in all the years you never asked me how old i am i loved how you were such a cobblers football fan even though they are rubbish how you always wore your england shirt every time england played football how all your things were kept neat and tidy everything in it's right place especially as i'm so messy how you used to zip up my coat for me like i was a child as i couldn't work it and when you zipped up my dress it was like it was the hardest job in the world to do as if the dress was too small for me how you wrote on the back of my photo hazel a queen amongst women who chose to walk beside me when you could never talk of emotions how you forced yourself to build the patio when you were having chemo and were in pain how you named all the fish in the tank how you always managed to bring it up i watered an artificial pot plant for a year thinking it was real how you would sulk instead of argue what i will remember most is your love for me
i will always love darren he was beautiful inside and out he made me a better person everyone said he was the nicest man they had ever met some said the word gentleman described him but everyone liked him he was quiet but had the quickest wit without being loud i am very proud to have been with him all these years and have such a love as his in my heart

cal821 July 11th, 2012 11:38

Thank you
Hazel.. Thank you for sharing with us .... giving us a little glimpse into what Darren is like.. I know it was hard to put it into words as he is this and much much more .... Your life was truly blessed... He sounds like a wonderful person to have met and known...

Thank you again

Cal821 ( Dave )

Chaka November 25th, 2012 14:55

Your post about Darren brought tears to my eyes. He sounds so much like my David -- except David recorded me snoring so I would believe him. :rolleyes: How many years did y'all have together? 13 months out, how are you doing in life? What does it feel like now? Are those weird questions?

hazelharris November 25th, 2012 15:17

hi chakka thanks so much for your message darren and i was together about 25 - 26 yrs all laughs and a very close relationship until the hell of the illness came
you want to know how it feels after 12 months well we are all different but i did feel a lot stronger after the year passed went down hill again for a couple of days but i do feel stronger now and realise life has to go on i try to push myself to do things stll but it's getting better i hope you get to this stage and can see a light coming at the end the scars of what we went through will always be there but we have to learn to cope without them love to you hazelxx

cal821 September 29th, 2015 10:30

bump up for re read

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