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Rachele August 9th, 2008 06:29

Helping Information in preparing for death:
Death is something most want to avoid talk about and not think about. It is important though. You want to know the wishes of all your loved ones. Wishes while they are still alive, in setting up an advance directive for their wishes if in a state where they cannot speak for themselves. You need a living will,with an appointed power of attorney and excuter of the estate. Everyone needs to get life insurance, expecially if you have a family.

Do not delay these things, they are important and you need to think about them now, before you die. You need in a sense to make a plan in case you die that your family will know your wishes and would also be protected. My mom did not have a will made, my father of course became the executor of the estate. But so important. Many families fight over the very issues of living wills, non living wills and estates. Some go to court and families sometimes split up from one another and are hurtful. Be prepared, as to not let that happen to you and your family. Also, considering an autopsy is also a question for your loved one. We did not do it with my mother but probably should have, given the negligence of the doctors, that led directly to mom's death. If your loved one dies out of negligence of another, you will need to find a reputable medical malpractice attorney to act on your behalf and that of your loved one.

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