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Memorial Ceramics January 27th, 2010 14:46

Fitting Memorial
Hi Everyone

I am looking for some feedback on a new and unique service my company will be offering.

We are a small ceramics company based in Cornwall and produce wonderful elaborate pots, that we sell all over the world.

A while back while experimenting with new glazing ideas and techniques we found a way to use ashes to pigment the glaze itself.

We were then approached by a member of the public who asked if ths could be done with human ashes as he wanted a memorial for his father.

We took a small sample and the process works better then we could have ever imagined, with results so far producing vibrant blues, greens, and purples, during the firing process. The true beauty of this is that each glaze is unique to the ashes it is made from and therefore produces a unique texture and colour on the surface of the pot.

We have had much media interest in this but want to gather some public consensus before making any moves.

What are your opinions on this?, How does it make you feel?, Would you consider using the service??

All opinions welcome whether positive or otherwise...

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