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nangel78 September 17th, 2007 20:07

I would not be able to do this myself. I am surprised to hear this, but at the same time I am not given human nature.

Priscilla September 23rd, 2007 16:13

I always wonder if people that take these pictures put them in photo albums or frames or what? Can you imagine sitting with a friend while they are flipping through a photo album and seeing "uncle Jack" laid out in his coffin?
I still think it's just tacky. But to each their own.

victell September 24th, 2007 16:11

Personally I do not like the idea at all. I understand that some people want to do this and that is fine (maybe even a way of helping themselves to understand their loss) but I wouldn't do this. I would want to remember my loved one the way he or she was in life, not lying dead in their coffin.

DCMerkle October 12th, 2007 19:32

Believe it or not, people use to take pictures of their loved ones in death. The would dress them up in their best and have a photographer take the picture. There's a name for this but, I can't think of what they called it. I've seen pictures where they would set the person up on a divan or their favorite chair and take the pictures. I thought that was a little too much, but I guess it was acceptable back then. There was a movie that was loosely based around that old custom and I can't remember the name of that either. Maybe someone else would know just exactly the name of the custom was?


jipmerite October 12th, 2007 23:25

To take pictures or not is a personal thought. I would not like to judge the people who do it. If that is what they need to cherish the memories of the person or if it makes grieving easier, then there is no reason they should not do it. What ever works for them is what matters.

dukettemom November 12th, 2007 18:32

when my father died, a friend of the family took photos of him in the coffin. A few months later, he offered them to my Mom. She didn't take them. Then he offered them to me, and I didn't take them either. For me, that was so incredibly painful, seeing my dad in a coffin, that i could never look at those photos.

I don't think it's weird or macabre, but it's just not something i want.

mollyL December 20th, 2007 16:23

re taking photos
At my father in law's funeral, it was very important to my mother in law that someone take photos of the body in the casket. It turned out that my father was the only one who brought a camera. She asked my father and he did it for her, even though he felt very uncomfortable doing so.
I had never heard of people taking those kind of pictures and was a little surprised about her wanting it done. Neither had my husband.
Both of my in-laws were raised in the south, so I'm assuming it's done more there? I'm not sure at all. Personally, I wouldn't want it done to any of me and mine; as was said, it's better to remember your loved one as alive. My husband made my mother-in-law promise that she would never show the pictures to our kids.

katharina December 20th, 2007 18:36


Originally Posted by Taggart (Post 568)
Hopefully this is the right area for this question. Have you ever seen someone's picture that was taken in a casket?

I'm surprised that people do this. That doesn't appeal to me, because I'd much rather have a photographic memory of the person in happy times.

I'd be interested to hear what others think about this.

I've seen some, yes... and I happen to feel the same way you do. When I've had to go to viewings and funerals, the visual of the person sticks with me forever whether I want it to or not. I wouldn't suggest taking the pictures to anyone who'd ask, but I'm sure it helps some people.

leighdu December 20th, 2007 20:36

I say this is a sensitive subject, and people who do not believe in it shouldn't be saying "yuck" or that it is "tacky". There are many people that think the total opposite and would be offended by hearing something like that. After all, it is their loved ones and their business whether they want to take one last picture of them at peace. I think on this matter, to each their own. I don't think there is a right or a wrong, but more a matter of personal preference.

ginahunt3 December 23rd, 2007 19:24

I have done it & it is comforting. I know that every one wants to remeber the good times but the picture of someone in a casket shows you nothing but the peace that you want to know that your loved one is experiencing.

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