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MerdeCat January 12th, 2008 00:59

I've actually seen photos like this in museums.

I think it's disturbing. I don't like to see dead people. And I DO NOT want an open casket at my funeral. I need to put that in writing.

mjstaal March 6th, 2008 10:02

Most funeral photos are filed away for a number of years before they are reviewed. The scars are too fresh for quite a while, but after time familes review photos to spur their memories about the service. I think photos shot from a distance are ok --- guests last memories at the caskets, the casket flowers, etc.... but, lets face it. Despite the make up, its not their best day for a glamour shot, so long distance shots are probably best.

Nicola March 14th, 2008 11:56

Over in the UK, its normally a closed casket, there is a short time when you can go and view the body but when its taken to church etc then its closed. I didn't want to see my dad in his coffin so i stood at the door of the room he was in and sort of peeked in and i could see his coffin and all the lovely photos and keepsakes we put in there but i would never wanted to see his face let alone take a picture of him.

I have seen pictures of other people in their caskets such as the late River Phoenix and it didn't bother me too much, maybe i can be a little morbid, but i couldnt do it with a loved one.

Chaka December 20th, 2012 23:01

To me, taking a photo of a dead person -- especially somebody I love -- seems morbid. If not morbid, then just icky.

This thread caught my eye because David (whose birthday is today) has been gone 2 1/2 months and I saw, for the first time the other day, a picture my daughter had taken of us in the hospital. I was leaning over him giving him a kiss. I remember the moment. I remember my daughter taking the picture. What stunned me is that, in the photo, David's eyes are open and, even though he was very much alive (though in incredible pain and medicated), he looks dead. Really, he looks dead.

I hate to get rid of the very last picture of him, but it makes me sad, so I don't know what to do with it. What would you do?

Chaka December 20th, 2012 23:07


Originally Posted by DCMerkle (Post 1391)
Believe it or not, people use to take pictures of their loved ones in death. The would dress them up in their best and have a photographer take the picture. There's a name for this but, I can't think of what they called it. I've seen pictures where they would set the person up on a divan or their favorite chair and take the pictures. I thought that was a little too much, but I guess it was acceptable back then. There was a movie that was loosely based around that old custom and I can't remember the name of that either. Maybe someone else would know just exactly the name of the custom was?


This reminds me of a show I watched this past weekend called "The Will: Outrageous Final Requests" or something like that. It was all about what people specifically requested and their family carried out their wishes. The two that stick in my mind are the guy who wanted to "watch" one last football game; and the guy who wanted to "go for one last ride" on his motorcycle. So, yes, their bodies were placed in position as if they were doing exactly those things. Strange. But, I guess that's what they wanted.

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