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trick-r-treat July 23rd, 2007 19:35

What are your wishes?
Do you want to be buried or cremated? I have told my children that I don't care what they do with my body, because I won't be in it anymore.

SageMother July 23rd, 2007 20:58

I think cremation or donation to science...whole body, not just parts. When I worked in labs at a local teaching hospital I got to sit in on a couple of embalmings in the gross anatomy department. Those fellows take such care with the bodies from embalming through the during process, that it just seems like it would be a wonderful way to let med students have the opportunity to practice with what I leave behind.

Calypso July 24th, 2007 16:35

This will seem kind of silly to anyone who doesn't love animals, but here goes....When I die, I want to be cremated. I've saved the ashes of all three of my cats who have died, and I want my ashes mixed with theirs. Then I want to be scattered somewhere...I don't care where. Just let the winds take what's left of my body. I don't want a gravesite where people congregate to cry over a pile of mouldy bones that isn't even me.

sandmike123 July 25th, 2007 11:29

I want my body donated to science. Then when they send the ashes back I want them scattered over someplace I wanted to see but never got to when I was alive.

lilyflower_1978 July 27th, 2007 19:26

I've chosen to be an organ donor, at least the organs that will be useful. Then I'd like to be cremated. Not sure what I'd like to have done with my ashes...I have heard that they have little vials that they can disperse your ashes into and give to loved ones so everyone keeps a little piece of you. I like that idea and they can have the freedom to do as they wish, scatter or keep.

echos August 26th, 2007 00:03

I am an organ donor, but the older I get the more I think, who would want any of these old parts? I also want to be cremated after they take what they want. :eek:

echos September 2nd, 2007 10:11

Well, I hope after they take all they want, I will be cremated. Me and the hubby are going to be scattered in a place in the mountains, were we met.

riskey58 September 2nd, 2007 20:03

What are your wishes
I have always said that I want to be cremated. And I don't want any showing. I feel if people couldn't come to see me when I was alive I surely don't them want them comming when I am gone.

Priscilla September 9th, 2007 22:18

I've made the same sentiments as echos to my family. I'm an organ donor, hopefully someone could live on from something I leave behind, and than I want to be cremated. My idea is a little more detailed though. I want my ashes to be scattered in different locations along the route that my husband and I drove for our honeymoon and I want all the kids to take a roadtrip together to do this. Not for me, but for them. I want them to have that time together. Hopefully, it won't be until they are all adults and they will need to reconnect with each other again. It's important to me that they keep close throughout their lives as I am not very close to my siblings anymore.

dukettemom December 4th, 2007 13:44

i don't care what happens to my body..... but i know my hubby doesn't believe in cremation, so if he insists on burying me intact, i want to be buried in my family cemetery with my parents and grandparents. There's room there for my kids as well.... my hubby is Moslem, so he wouldn't be buried with us by his choice.

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