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Default feeling their touch

Originally Posted by hazelharris View Post
when we meet real tradgedy in our lives we can react in two ways--either by losing hope and falling into self destructive habits or by using the challenge to find our inner strength

turn your face to the sun and the shadows always fall behind you
hello hazel love, we spoke last night and we talked about how we miss our loves touch, their kisses and hugs and that sometimes its almost unbearable, you told me about the slamming door, your boys having a laugh with you. you know haze i'm am so thankful to those on this forum who told us about our loves being near and able to hear us, that they are waiting for us. what i'm trying to say love is today i sat and stared at giuls photo i i felt like he was looking right back at me, i sent my love to him, i could feel my love going out of me and i could feel his love coming into me, it was so so beautiful, i then felt peace then i fell asleep and maybe i was held?

Hazel as you know this past couple of weeks have been hard, felt like i was getting worse instead of better, what has happened is like he was saying to me, don't be sad love, i'm not so far away, look to the future not backwards, i know what awaits you, hold on tight my love, i'm waiting for you.

hazel my friend, darren is waiting for you too, a day in heaven is a thousand yeras here, before we know it we'll see then again darling.

chrissie. xxxx
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