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thanks for that chrissie i have been reading about chemo depression today i didn't have a computer when darren was ill and with the wicked things being said when darren went off depressed i understand more than before these people know nothing of what cancer and the treatment does do you know what they call it chemo brain it goes with our widows brain
some don't understand the hell we went through and some don't want to know and put their evil interpritation on it all
i'm so glad you felt close to giuls last night and can feel the love from him in this way to know his love is always there and wants you to feel happiness in your life again he would wish this for you as he loves you if you were in heaven and looked to giuls as he struggled without you you would do exactly the same send the power of your love down to comfort him
we have to live this life as best we can gather all our experiences in the years we have leftl the sad happy and wonderful things that we will encounter along the way to tell them it all when at last we fall into their arms again love hazelxxxx
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