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this problem we have encountered on our site has been devistating i for one took it all for granted i am ashamed it never entered my head the work and possible stress it takes to keep it all going even though i always knew it had been a lifeline to me and was to others
i know how many people have been able to pick up the pieces of their life i even know it has saved lives all this has come from lucie and the love she has for her mother what a legacy to help so many in our prayers for the people here suffering we all should include lucie and her mum where all this love and concern for others in their grief has all come from
it also bring it home to me that the running of this site isn't an easy one there are many on here i regard as my friends we will do anything to help you lucie in the continuing running of the site if you ever need any help
thank you seems a small word to say for so much done but we all do thank you from the bottom of our hearts
love hazelxx
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