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Default Always With Us

Hi sis clare, sorry I didn't see you on forum the other night, I have pm' d you. Don't forget that some of us get together at night, long distance buddies we share the tears and send cyber hugs a.d have a giggle too so may see ya there sometime. Our lovely hazel is planning something for us all, what is she like? She's a star. You know clare I came to this forum in utter despair as did we all, I like to think that our loves are there together now in the upper mansions with God asking him to help us, watching out for us, of course there are those who see our God as distant and uncaring, they don't know His heart, full of love compassion and mercy and forgivness, john 3:16, for God SO LOVED the world that he gave HIs only beggotten Son that whomever believes in Him shall not perish but have life everlasting And I believe He is fight there at the end of our lives and ALL people who didn't want to know him whilst alive He will offer eternal life to them at their last moments of life, who could refuse this wonderful gift from Him? We say sorry and He forgives, The last shall be first. Its then that He may explain why things happened the way they did snd wipe away every tear from our eyes. We have a wonderful future, the reunion, no more tears, sickness, death or sin all wickedness and evil gone forever. Our God is awesome and he's a good God He will make all things new.
So we maybe in sorrow now but joy will come, one day our weeping will turnto laughter. God bless. Chrissiexxx.
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