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Default Being compared to my deceased dad

My dad died a few months ago. Recently, family members, especially my mother, have been making comparisons between him and me, and it's frankly getting right on my nerves.

It's usually thing like "well your dad liked it" or "your dad didn't do that".

Any suggestions on how I respond to these comments? I don't want to respond in the way I nearly did the other day. I was on a bit of a downer and hadn't had a shave for a few days. My mum said "Even your dad when he was ill got a shave every day".

I just went out the room, because what I really wanted to scream was "Well it didn't do him any f***ing good at the end of the day, did it?".

It's not just the comparisons either. I can't have a conversation with my mother without it involving dad in some way or other. I know the loss has affected her and I appreciate that, but what am I supposed to say to her?
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