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Default The Blue Butterfly

Just a few weeks ago I lost a precious friend. The online ladies' community where we met has been grieving, and one of the women posted a link to this poem by Marjolein Bastin, who is known for her art which can be found at Hallmark, among other places (here is the original product link).

I found this poem to be of great comfort, and hope it comforts you, as well!

"This heavenly blue butterfly
will fly high in the sky,
higher and higher.
The sunlight will touch the blue
on its wings until it seems to disappear.
We think it is gone,
because the blue of the butterfly
is the exact same blue of the sky.
We think it is gone,
because our eyes are too weak to see—
and it is difficult to believe what we cannot see.
But the blue butterfly is not gone.
It is still flying, higher and higher,
nearer the sun. Blue against blue.
For now and forever."

- Marjolein Bastin
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