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Default am i an executor of a will?

Hello - my best friend died when we were 21 in 1997 and her parents asked me if i would become their "adopted daughter" unofficially (i already have parents!), and said that this would involve their inheritance (as my friend was an only child and i dont think they had any other relatives.). My friends dad died a few years back and now her mum has just passed away too. At first i'd kept in touch quite well, but in recent years just Christmas cards. I dont know who else was in their lives at the end and i feel very awkward making contact with regards a will/inheritance as its been so long.

What should i do? How can i find out if i'm the executor of the will? or still represented in place of my friend, after all these years - having been informally 'adopted' by my friends parents?

I would like to honor any wishes they may of had.
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