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Default The Gift of Life

Hi Larry,

God bless you for being so giving and thoughtful. I hope your procedure went well on January 10.

The actual obituary for a person who has donated their physical body to a program where his/her body will help others' quality of life can be said so purely and simply. There is no set protocol for this. In fact, like cljm said, you can say whatever you want to say.

We did have a celebration of life for Shaun when he passed away, but we did not have a funeral per se. There was a gathering of friends and family, but his physical body was not there. We had pictures, candles, music, and everything that signified the essense of who he was while on earth. But we did not "bury" him or have any rituals of that kind.

We said something like this after the usual details of age, date, place, and surviving family members:

"Shaun's loving and generous spirit continues to touch lives. It was his desire that when he passed on, if he could help improve or even save someone's life by organ donation, we would honor and respect his wishes.

"We, as a family, are comforted in our loss knowing that countless others have been given a second chance thanks to his precious gift. If desired, donations to the XXXXX or XXXXX would be appreciated."

We also have an online memorial for him, and we provided that website address for those who wished to share their memories of him and pass on their condolences.

Simple, direct, and to the point. What matters the most are your wishes, and those who love you will honor and respect them.


P.S. I forgot to mention that we've already received thanks from a eye donor bank because a few days after Shaun's death, his eyes were used in two sight-saving surgical operations, granting two people the gift of sight once again. It doesn't get much better than that.
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