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Default My sister and best friend

Hello everyone,

I don't know how many of you will see this or reply but I felt like typing this down whould even be some comfort.
On february 24th me and my family found my youngest sister dead on the couch after one day of having the flue. She was 15 years old and as healthy as can be.

Since we had no idea what had happened to her, she had to be examined in a hospital and those days were the hardest of my life. We thought we had missed something, or didn't hear her or something. Since she had a bad flu, my dad slept on the chair next to the couch in case she needed anything.

It turned out that she had the normal flu but a heavy one and a streptococcus bacteria in her airways (which is very common, you can have this and never notice anything or maybe some minor symptoms), but somehow because of her sickness the bacteria got into her bloodstream. And it went downhill fast from there.. Doctor told us that she did not suffer and went into shock really quick.

That is the only thing that comforts me, is that I could not have known and we could never have saved her. But my sister and I were really really close and I just miss her so much. I have another sister of 18 but we are not that close because we are so different. But the youngest one (Cijntje) was always in the middle and friends with everyone. She was just amazing and I am proud to have been her sister!

Soo this was a long rant kinda.. If anyone wants to talk about losing their sibling or random stuff: I am new here but open to suggestions

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