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That is good and important information Dave.
And Sheryl, good reply.

All our lives the experts attempt to put us into a few categories or types. One that comes to mind is introvert and extrovert. What? There's only 2 types of people and I have to be one of those? Supposedly by the definition of those types I am an introvert and when I learned about these terms a century ago in grade school it was implied that an introvert is bad, strange, weird. And an extrovert is what everyone should strive to be, that they are better. Obviously as I grew older and my brain developed completely, somewhere around 30 , I learned those types as defined by so called experts dont mean alot.

My point is that there as as many types as there are people. I cannot be classified as a specific cookie cutter type and neither can you. Each of us experiences grief differently and will heal at rates that are natural for us. Of course getting help and guidance can be helpful and even necessary to lead us through the maze and get over the bumps we cannot overcome alone.

I am one who also encourages seeking professional help for anyone who has found themselves in this mudhole of a thing called grief.
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