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Shalom in Yeshua magicalmummy, welcome to the forum. I am happy you found us. I am sorry for the loss of you Grandma.

When we loose a loved one the 'age thing' means nothing. We are rarely prepared for the wave of emotions and feelings we the experience however old we are. We are all different but in many respects we are all the same when it comes to death. We all hurt and then we all then think about our own mortality. Some don't feel anything, others cry, while others feel there is something wrong with them for not crying. This whole range of emotions and feelings are quite normal.

What you need to do is talk about her. Talk to your family tell them how you feel. If you have no family you can do this with, then do it here. We have all one thing in common. We have all lost loved ones, know how you feel and we all want to help you understand yourself.

May God bless you
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