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hi gina i,m sure mayra,s family know how close you were to her and you will always be it doesn't hurt to ask about having some of her remains for your locket there's a procedure also that turns ashes into beautiful jewellery you only need a small amount to do this be prepared for them to say no and don't take the refusal personally but they might be comforted to know her memory will be treasured this way
mayra had found happiness before she parted take comfort in this yes there was so much more to come as her life was short but it doesn't matter what age the departed are we go over what could have been and however many years should have remained and they were robbed of that joy try not to think this way we just have to accept what was and be grateful for the time they were here with us No past can ever be changed and the future is for those who remain for however long we are given our loved ones live on inside us as a beautiful memory
Look to all she achieved in her life and thats so much she was loved and respected by many people you know more than most life can be cut short in a second so hold those close to you that you love your husband especially he loves you and your sadness must upset him that's why he has asked you to stop grieving talk to him he is your solace and your future tell him you need time to get through your loss you need his help love and understanding
Thinking of you xxxxx
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