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Thank you ladies, for the encouragement and support you have given me. It really means alot especially since the person who always supported me is gone. First let me start by saying that I actually was planning on talking to her brother about her ashes. The day it happened her family went to the accident scene. I was hearing different things but didn't know she was killed yet so I was at home, trying to get in touch with her or her brother or sister in law. As soon as he got back ( Mayra, her brother and his wife and her mom live in 3 houses that are next to each other) he came straight here and when I opened the door he just grabbed me and hugged me for the longest time. We cried together. His mom didn't even know that Mayra didn't make it because when she heard about the accident she had to be taken to the hospital. So I would say we are pretty close. So that's what I think I'm gonna do. I just don't want them to feel like I'm intruding on their grief. Her kids are getting the necklaces with the stones made of her ashes. I think its pretty symbolic of her life. She was our rock. Just like those stones. So I'm going to call him tomorrow. He was here for awhile yesterday and we talked about getting tattoos. I show him the symbol for best friend in chinese and he piped up with I should get something that was personal for both of us. Then he told me I should get 'bitch'!. I was laughing and told him I thought of it so he said he knows that was our relationship. That we said it out of love and no one else could say it to us. Which is so true but I still think im gonna go with best friend. Even my ringtone for her said "bitch alert". As for my husband I'll try to elaborate on that situation tomorrow. Its a long story.
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