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This is in response to RobertGreene. You said you don't see your hobbies as a way to help people. I can see a couple of things you could do. You said you like to chat and play games. You could go to a convalescent home and read to the residents or play a board game with some of them. My grandfather had a friend who had a band and he goes to nursing homes and entertains them. I used to go with him quite often. While he put on a show I would just go around and meet people and chat with them for a little while. They really enjoyed his performance and they were genuinely happy to have someone to talk to. There are many people who get placed in these institutions by family members who visit in the beginning but then just stop caring until they get a call in the middle of the night saying their loved one has passed away. Meanwhile the resident feels alone. It's a terrible feeling. So why not spend a few hours a month or week making their life a little brighter? I don't care how much money a person can donate, I think time is more valuable to those forgotten by society for nothing but being elderly or ill.
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