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I'm glad I could help. There is always something good to be made of even the worst situations and it's those good things that I look for. A friend of mine was murdered in the doorway of his home (just upstairs from my home. We live in a 2 family house) 2 and a half weeks before his birthday. He was talking about partying on his birthday for about 2 months before that so I took it upon myself to give him the party he wanted. I had both ends of the street blocked off and threw him the best block party you could imagine. We had about 300 people, a cake with his picture on it (I had t shirts made with the same pictureon it which I sold and gave the profits to his mom for funeral expenses that she owed), tons of food and even a moon bounce in the middle of the street for the kids. That was the best thing I could think of doing. We already had a funeral to mourn his death so then we had a party to celebrate his life. When I'm grieving the loss of someone I love I just need to do something to remember them in a special way. My best friend was killed in a car accident in November and I'm still trying to figure out how to memorialize her in a very special way. I'm getting a tattoo in her memory but I feel I need to do more. I've spent alot of time trying to figure that out. Something special to honor a very special persons life.
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