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You are definitely right that the population continues to grow! I have always wanted to adopt or stay childless anyway so it's not really an issue for me as I don't really want to be a mother (so you don't have to worry about me missing out on something I don't particularly want!) but I have many siblings who may have kids one day. After seeing so many people have babies right when they lose their parent or other family member, it has become somewhat of a superstition for our family-I know it doesn't happen every time obviously, but it's strange when it does happen right at the same time.

It's great you think having kids is the best thing in life, personally I think the best gift in life is finding a person you are NOT related to and being able to love them and stick by them even though they are not your blood be that by marriage and/or adopting a child-that's real selfless love for me. But I guess we all have our different opinions, mine maybe is because I have a particularly awful mother who I am pretty much estranged from now.
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